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Please consider that everyone has a role in making Pennsylvania safe and gang-free.

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Training Events

Since our inception in 2008, the Pennsylvania Gang Investigators Association (PAGIA) has worked diligently to partner with a plethora of committed professionals from across the country that are committed to education, communication and networking amongst both law enforcement and other professionals aimed at increasing awareness, education and shared techniques with a foci on prevention, intervention and suppression.  We have supported both single day training events as well as annual, multi-day training experiences across all of Pennsylvania.  Members have immediate access to our website and thus our communications about training opportunities.

"PA Gangs, Drugs and Crime and Regional Trends Training” 

Date: June 6-7, 2019 0800-1700

Location: Lackawanna County Center for Public Safety:  30 Valley View Drive Jessup, PA  18434.

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Our Mission

The Pennsylvania Gang Investigators Association (PAGIA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and suppression of gangs and gang activity in Pennsylvania through inter-agency networking, communication and relevant training.
The Pennsylvania Gang Investigators Association or PAGIA was established in 2008 by criminal justice professionals who recognized the importance of sharing information and working with social service agencies, community-based organizations and the education system to impact the spread of gangs.
By bringing together those that are actively involved in the investigation, prosecution, suppression, intervention and prevention of criminal street gangs, prison gangs, extremist groups and their affiliations, the Association will provide a venue for collaboration and communication across disciplines.
The Association works in partnership with fellow gang investigators, law enforcement associations, social service agencies and school districts throughout the state to develop anti-gang strategies in the areas of gang prevention, gang intervention, gang enforcement, gang suppression, gang member rehabilitation and gang member re-entry into mainstream society.

It is our mission to bring all the key players to the table. We envision supporting law enforcement, our teachers, our program professionals and the citizens of Pennsylvania by providing help to our communities by:

  1. The most up-to-date information.
  2. The most relevant training.
  3. A place to communicate with others who share in the vision of a gang-free Pennsylvania.
  4. A comprehensive networking opportunity to link all regions of PA for better strategic planning and collaborative efforts to rid the state of gangs.
  5. An opportunity for intra-state, interstate and regional cooperative efforts, training and communication.
  6. And, a voice for all who wish to rid PA of gangs and gang related issues.

To effectuate our mission, we intend to:

  • Provide professional training and workshops on gang awareness and identification, gang methods and gang crime information for law enforcement officers, social service agencies and community-based organizations.
  • Work with school districts, community partners and law enforcement in educating staff about gang identifiers and activities.
  • Setting up public forums to identify community concerns, brainstorm solutions, implement strategies and action plans regarding gang violence and develop successful youth violence intervention and prevention strategies. 
  • Formulating goals, objectives, tasks and performance measures of existing and new youth violence services and programs to ensure that limited resources are being allocated to successful programs with demonstrated measurable outcomes.

Welcome to PAGIA

It is my honor to welcome you to the Pennsylvania Gang Investigators Association or PAGIA. The PAGIA was established in 2008 by a group of professionals who recognized the importance of having a gang based information sharing network, effective communication and coordination of training in order to more effectively respond to the gangs and gang crime in Pennsylvania. Like other states, a phenomenon also exists in Pennsylvania where well-established criminal street gangs from across the U.S. bring the potential of further criminal networking to a new and more threatening level. The PAGIA will remain committed to bridging the lines of communication between all aspects of law enforcement and committed professional by providing the most current and reliable information to our membership.  The PAGIA pledges to prioritize its membership, with each and every member held at the highest regard. It is a strong belief of this association that we united and collectively undertake this endeavor to combat against the advancement of street gangs and crime in our communities and the state of Pennsylvania.

Stay safe,
Board of Directors

Our Vision

We have a vision; a vision of working ourselves out of a job. We have a vision of a day that the Pennsylvania Gang Investigators Association (PAGIA) is no longer needed, a vision of a gang-free Pennsylvania. We envision that as long as there is a need for PAGIA, we will facilitate the best training, the most effective, up-to-date means of coordinated communication and the most comprehensive networking and inter-agency cooperation the great state of Pennsylvania has ever seen.

Presidents Message

Five years in the making!!!  The Pennsylvania Gang Investigators Association (PAGIA) continues to make vested efforts at assisting communities in the state of Pennsylvania by developing relationships and communication networks to assist all those interested in eradicating the ills associated with gangs and gang membership.  Through committed professional relationships, we have been able to assist countless numbers of Pennsylvanians in awareness of gangs and gang crime activities.  We have been fortunate to have established relationships with internationally recognized trainers and experts who are always “just a phone call away” to assist us here locally.

It is only through these relationships that we have been able to provide such strong training both in our single day and multi-day events.  We have been able to support local programs and parallel organizations in activities such as the Crime Clean-Up day in central Pennsylvania.  We have developed useful pamphlets and best practice guidelines such as combatting graffiti in your region. 
It has been a honor to work with such committed professionals in attempting to increase communication, networking and relevant training to all those concerned about reducing and eliminating gangs and gang crime in Pennsylvania.  As a father, neighbor and proud resident of Pennsylvania, I hope you will join the fight against the plague of gangs and gang crime by joining PAGIA!!!

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